4 Online Shopping Sites For The Money & Style Conscious Woman

By September 26, 2016Shopping Guide

As a kid, a trip to the mall was cause for celebration.  I’d walk through the mall with my mom, popping into department stores like J.C. Penny and Montgomery Ward asking for everything I touched but not really caring if I actually got it or not.  I was content just being out of the house.

As I got older, shopping malls began to lose their luster.  If you are anything like me then, you despise not only the crowds, but also the lack of food choices in the food court and the fact that stores seem to only stock one item in your size (in my case there are never enough Larges or 10-12’s).  Online shopping solves all these problems.  Any store that you desire to explore is just a click away and sizes are but a drop down menu away.  And if you find a promo code online, just type it in and see the extra savings just add up.

With the thousands of active shopping sites, finding the right site/s for you can be a daunting task.  So today, I want to talk about the four sites that I find to be the most “Band for your Buck” worthy.


  1. ShopStyle

This is one of my favorite online shopping sites.  If you are the type of person that enjoys owning quality items but have no intention on breaking the bank to get them, then this site may be the right fit for you.  ASOS is an innovative shopping website, powered by a global search engine.  With over 12 million products available, there isn’t anything that you cannot find.  One of its main features is an alert button, which will save your favorite items, and send you email alerts whenever an items goes on sale.  How awesome is that!


  1. ASOS

Another favorite of mine, ASOS, is a British online fashion and beauty store.  They host over 850 brands with sizing ranging from 00 to 16.  Fitting is broken down into regular, petite, tall and curvy and shoe sizes ranging from 2 to 11.

I love international fashion and this site gives me life!  A feature that stands out to me is each item has a video that you click, if you want to see how it looks coming down the runway. Another feature, is the “Buy the Look” button. If you see an outfit featured that you want, you can buy each item from head to toe, including accessories.  If that’s not enough, click an item, scroll down the page, and see uploaded photos of real people wearing that item.  I like this feature because it gives me inspiration on how to create many looks for the clothing items that I buy.  Oh, and the standard 2 day shipping is free with membership ($18 a year).


  1. Shop It To Me

I am fairly new to this site but really like what I’m seeing so far.  This site is dedicated to making your shopping life easier.  Just provide them with your favorite designers and your size.  They do all the legwork for you by searching the global database for items that are in your size that are on sale.  And they deliver these items right into your inbox.  With over 800 brands to choose from, there is a brand for every style and body type.


  1. ThredUp

ThredUp is the easiest way to save money on great clothes as well as sell clothes for cash.  A consignment store made simple.  You can browse thousands of like new items. Rest assured that each item has been hand selected and certified for quality and discounted up to 90%.  This site is wonderful.  You can find high-end styles at a fraction of the price.  With a flat rate shipping cost of $5.99 and free shipping with orders over $79, this site makes refreshing your wardrobe easy and cost effective.

What online sites are your favs? Share in the comments below……




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