About ReImagine International

We are a personal image consulting firm focused on the Military Woman: Active, Reserve, Transitioned and Spouse.  Our focus is image consulting and personal branding.  Our mission is to offer a unique perspective on fashion, one that fits into the military lifestyle, for all occasions, with minimal interruptions into your daily activities.

Our clients consists of:

  • In-Service professional currently serving in an Active Duty or Reserve capacity.
  • Transitional professional that is making the career move from the military to civilian work.
  • Military Spouse who serve their both their families and units in a number of ways.

Our clients often find:

  • That their image is very important, both professionally and personally.
  • They need advice or information on what the latest trends and fashions are.
  • They keep busy schedules that often involve a lot of travel. This leaves little time for shopping that is time consuming.
  • They have a desire to have a wardrobe that speaks not only to their personality, but also their lifestyle.

There are many women serving within military forces, but unfortunately, not all fully realize the beauty they possess, both inside and out. 

 Society has tried to dictate what the standard of beauty is. Unfortunately, some of our mindsets have shifted to believe that, since we don’t measure up, let’s give up and settle for being a lesser version of ourselves.  Well I’m here to tell you, F%#k the standard.  I’m here to show you how to make fashion (among other things) fit you and your lifestyle, all while not breaking the bank.  My desire is for you to be the best version of yourself both inside and out.

About Me

I am Jessica Carter; I am a wife, mother and a Chief Petty Officer who has served in the world’s finest Navy for 15 years.

Up until 2012, I hated fashion. I’d look through magazines seeing celebrities and models wearing outfits that were “perfect.” Not acknowledging that the lives they lived did not intersect with mine.   I would go shopping regularly to get these perfect outfits, just to end up with a closet full of items with nothing to wear.   It hit me, that I was imagining fashion in the worst possible way. I would buy this shirt to match that pair of pants, and this shoe only went with that outfit. It was enough to drive a person crazy! I realized then, that I had to find a better way.

When you have to get up at 5am in the morning to deal with kids, sailors issues, OPTEMPOS, inspections and all other things that come with being in the military, the last thing you want to worry about is what the hell your going to wear. And you especially don’t want said event lasting 30-45 minutes as you search your closet trying to locate something to wear just to get to work, take your cute outfit off and put your uniform on. I needed my mornings simplified however:

Even if I’m only wearing my ensemble for just 45 minutes (30 to drop daughter off at school and 15 to get to my office), for those few minutes, it is important for me to just feel like a woman.

After much research, with little success, in trying to find image consultants that “felt right” and had a thorough knowledge base of image consulting, I made the decision to become one myself. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I had already participated in image and brand consulting years ago, albeit unofficially, assisting both family and friends. But it was time to make it official. And I did. I certified as an image consultant through Studio For Image Professionals and have been charging forward ever since.

As I began to ReImagine my closet, I gutted it and started from scratch. I built a wardrobe that fit my body type, personality, aspirations and one that allowed me to establish and express my personal style. I was able to remix what I owned; creating put together looks, all while shopping within my own closet.

I needed a wardrobe to reflect the person that I am: a wife, a mother, a Christian and a Sailor. But I also wanted my wardrobe to reflect the person that I will be in the near future, a business professional. I feel like over the years, I have really created that and I am really excited to be able to share my journey. I am excited to have this platform to help other military service women that may be in the same boat.

It doesn’t matter if you are Navy, Army, Airforce, Marines or Coast Guard, you are a woman. You are beautiful creatures that have a presence that should be respected, adored and revered. My desire is for you to be the best version of yourself from the outside in………..You, Reimagined!