I Decided It Was Time To Blog

Once upon a time, I hated fashion!

With a closet full of clothes, half of which still had price tags attached, I often felt as though I had nothing to wear. I found myself looking at the items in my closet asking, “where the hell am I wearing this to?” on more than one occasion. When it came to getting dressed, I just felt defeated.

I have always enjoyed fashion magazines. Fast forward to fashion blogs, I became obsessed with those as well. A bunch of beautiful people wearing or working within a fashion capacity clothed in items that matched perfectly and looked beautiful on film but, I would begin to realize, didn’t translate very well into my reality.

I am a Sailor serving, who, aside from wearing the uniform, is also a a woman, a wife and a mother that just happens to have a passion for fashion. I was also a woman tired of breaking the bank and my sanity, all in the name of looking good. I needed someone that I could relate to. Someone who wore similar hats to the ones that I wear. After countless blog searches, I realized that one didn’t exist.

Of the thousands of fashion bloggers, only a few really tapped into quality content. And of those quality bloggers, even fewer related to my lifestyle. Too often I’d see outfit posts consisting of $400 pants, $200 blouse, $575 shoes and $1,300 bag! Weeks spent traveling the world for this fashion week and that fashion week or this yacht party or that awards show. None of which are conducive to my livelihood, because hell, I’ve got bills to pay, kids to feed, underways to prep for and a husband that just isn’t having it!

I longed to see content consisting of posts touching on, Packing for Deployment, Simple Workouts to Prep for the PFA, Homecoming Attire 101, and OOTD’s for both Sea and Shore Duty just to name a few. I wanted a blogger that was for me. Couldn’t find one so I decided to become one.

Military women are complex beings and it will take someone with both knowledge and experience as to the inner workings of the Military Woman lifestyle. That someone is me. Blogging is a new experience for me and I am excited to see where this will go. I hope that you will embark on this journey with me. Let’s enjoy this ride!

What new thing are you attempting to do that is taking you out of your comfort zone? Share below….

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